Untitled-20Nia S. Amira
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When you feel, nothing or no one can fulfill your happiness any longer and more you feel lack in spiritual, open a touristic map or read some plac­es recoomended for you to recharge the energy. My options are India, Tibet, or Bhutan, these 3 countries are in the same one direction to the heaven in earth, the Himalaya.

Bhutan is a rare land to travel but could give you a pleas­ant and extraordinary experience once in your life time. Those who are hungry of humanity and spiritual life in certain way without any doubt will go to the land of monastries and tem­ples in the remote area of Asia.

Treking to wonder Himalaya where the God and Goddess live and order their followers to obey the spirit of Brahma, Vhisnu and Shiva. Admiring the mountainous picturesque, meeting with indigenous who still preserve their customs and traditions very strong after centuries.

And all those colorful symbolization of cultural festivals celebrated from edge to edge of each wall as if the wallwill keep all the secret of each one living in this mystical land in earth.

You will never get tired to trace each step of the last footsteps in the area where you always meet the smil­ing rose pink face of little ones in the village, trying to greet you in their colorful traditional dress using only natural dye. It is Bhutan and there is no other place full of blessed like Bhutan.