B87-07-062016-ArtNia S. Amira
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For the first time Keroncong artists who live in Bogor should be proud with the event of Bogor Interna­tional Keroncong Festival that was held at RRI Bogor, Saturday, June 4, 2016. The event was initiated by Insan Keroncong Indonesia (IKON) and Bogor city administration can be fairly said successful and attend­ed by keroncong artists from vari­ous regions, even some keroncong singers from Singapore.

This keroncong event as to complete the anniversary of Bogor and final with a parade around the city on Sunday, June 5, 2016.

The event starts from noon until 9 pm and about 30s singers participated in the event from se­niors to young singers who are still attending school and also students from Universities. Two groups per­formed enliven the event, among others were from Tasikmalaya, OK Braja Mustika lead by Nunu H, and OK Kemala Puspita of Bogor, with Suyitno as the leader. The singers featuring keroncong songs very lilt­ing, even the young singers sung western pop songs in keroncong rhythm. They came from Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Jakarta, Bogor, Lam­pung, as well as from Singapore.

Suyitno, the organizer said that the event was planned to enliven the anniversary of Bogor. “It was conceived long time and therefore, together with RRI Bogor and Bogor city administration wanted to per­form the best in this International Keroncong Festival. Although the municipal government officials were busy celebrating the city’s an­niversary, but still spent their time to attend the first event ever in Bogor. Head of Tourism has been present since the morning, then in the afternoon, Deputy Mayor came and even took time to sing 2 songs. It is proof that keroncong also still able to attract the attention of many parties, “said Suyitno who also leads OK Kemala Puspita.

The event was held not only to commemorate and enliven the anniversary of Bogor city, but also wanted to give the op­portunity to the keroncong art­ist to show their performance. The keroncong activists from Sin­gapore such as Mr. Basir Suparti, Mr. Abdul Malek, and Mrs. Siti Aishah were happy to participate, especially Basir, who had been in­volved in music for a long time.

Deputy Mayor of Bogor, Usmar Hariman who was present that day, in addition to give an appreciation of the event, he also had to sing two songs accompanied by OK Kemala Puspita. On that occasion, Hariman said that the presence of guests from Singapore and from various regions in Indonesia to Bo­gor, had the important meaning for the promotion of Bogor in some ar­eas even to other countries.

The Festival closed at 9 pm with the performance of youth and culture leaders of Bogor