A9-22-062016-ArtNia S. Amira
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My neighbor who had just celebrated his 38th birthday has just passed away after suffering from stroke for several months. My friends, especially female friends have a lot of “entangled” with the obesity problem, part of their or­gan swells, high cholesterol, of­ten having watery eyes and body tingling. If our body is like that, a proverb that says ‘’Better late than never’’ can be our life’s motivator hereafter.

The above proverb illustrates human consciousness of various diseases and death caused by un­healthy eating patterns.

Human consciousness on a variety of disease as well as examples of death in produc­tive age makes a person becoming more thoughtful in life. Of course every one wants to live longer and can travel around the world so that life becomes perfect.

Most Venerable Somdet Phra Phromsitthi, Deputy Sangharaja of Thailand and honor Monks lead a vegan lifestyle, like the majority of Buddhists all over the world who have a good understand­ing of Buddhism that should not kill God’s creature and also know that the healthy and nutritious food come fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables which are eat­en naturally, it is, without a touch of technological equipment which will ultimately reduce the quality of the food itself. Eating foods with a Vegan ways will give you health, beauty, and happiness.

It’s time to create a list of favor­ite food eaten each day. Are we up to do that? If you are aware of the survival of a more healthy and a long life, then we will be able to eliminate meat from our favorite food list because meat is on the top list causing can­cer and stroke.

If there is suggestion telling that originally humans are vegetar­ian creatures seeing from the teeth and digestive system which are completely different from an om­nivorous species, the teeth and the digestive system is suitable only for eating plants. In Bible also ex­plained that Adam and Eve eat only fruits, despite that there is no scien­tific study.

Supposedly every V or Vegan creature will feel comfortable be­cause Vegetarian is illustrated as a great lifestyle, green/natural and peaceful, even the Elf in several feature films was described as the nation’s most thoughtful and long-lived because they all are V indi­viduals.