Tempura-Chicken-NuggetsNia S. Amira
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It’s time to get back with healthy and nutritious foods, especially for children who have started their school after a long holiday feast and consumed fat food that came from pastries, chocolate and food with coconut milk.

Indonesian Culinary is rich in various types of mouthwatering food. There are many food typical of the archipelago that can be encoun­tered in almost every corner of the city Malls or in other big cities, such as Coto Banjar, Soto Kudus, Kebuli Rice, even Gudeg Yogya also can be found in many shop­p i n g centers in Jakarta.

In addition to the archipelago’s culinary, there are many variants of food from several countries that have been processed and adapted to the Indonesian’s tongue. Likewise, many local entrepreneurs are able to make variants of food and drinks from originally from the west to meet the local market is now widely selling processed meats and healthy beverages products that are having many lovers from children and fam­ily.

Processed food and beverage is good for the health of children and family if we are aware in choosing t h e m and buy only the p u r e substance free o f M S G and artificial coloring. As conse­quence, processed food and bever­ages without preservatives can not last long even in stored in the refrig­erator. There is a limit time limit that can be tolerated in the storage in or­der to maintain the taste and quality and also healthy if consumed.

Sausages and nuggets are not the original food of Indonesia but now many make this food as an ad­ditional menu, even it has become a favorite food of most Indonesian people and many are making sau­sages and nuggets as snacks. Sau­sage flavor is savory and delicious and is certainly no doubt about it, as well as rich in nutrients. There are many variants of sausage in terms of both taste and size and the bal­ance of nutrients, one serving of chewy sausage can give you an energy boost in the morn­ing at our breakfast.

But, do you know that a long sausage shape will not be realized with­out the wrapper to batter the s au s a ge itself. It means, without wrapping, sausage batter sausages just become rough and shapeless. Along with the devel­opment of increasingly sophisticat­ed technology, currently wrapping sausages can be eaten straight along with its contents. However, there are many questions due to fear and doubt if sausages wrapper is not ha­lal to consume?

Food Packaging has become an important factor in addition to at­tract the shoppers. No doubt if the attractive packaging would make anyone be tempted to taste the food contents.

The history of sausage’s wrap­per was once made of materials such as pig or goat intestines. How­ever, because it is less effective, then people changed with plastic and now for the good sake of consumer’ safety, producer use the collagen.

Collagen is a food product made from animal protein and is guaran­teed to be safer than synthetic wrap­ping. In the manufacture of sausag­es, this collagen is edible packaging, means the sausages can be eaten along with the wrapper without any effects. Many processed beef and chicken products made the sau­sages using Collagen. Indone­sian can be proud and feel safe because processed b e e f products produced by BULAF such as meatballs, nuggets and burgers does not use MSG and artificial col­oring, and only use animal collagen sausage wrapper and therefore, it is safe for consumption.

Culinary culture of a country is not wrong if it is applied in In­donesian cuisine as long as it is guaranteed for the health and halal. Of course sausages or nuggets that come from the West Culinary Culture will be more widely consumed be­cause of the tedium of eating beef or whole chicken can be interspersed by cooking vari­ous meat food processed;, such as beef sausages with extra cheese, black pepper sausage, and even sau­sage with broccoli. The food pro­cessing is also very easy and we can mix sausages with noodles, fried rice or omelet.

The benefits contained in beef sausage containing ole­ic acid that is good for our heart health. In fact, these fatty acids can reduce lev­els of bad cholesterol in our body. Sausage made of beef containing vitamin B, iron, and zinc. All the elements contained in the sausage, both derived from processed beef, chicken or even fish provide health benefits for us, of course if the pro­ducer makes this processed food free from MSG and artificial color­ing. It is time for eating Healthy Sau­sages