Untitled-5Starting his passion in Arts, Fahri (28) a talented young man who likes to make designs and automotive active­ly gathers his friends who have the same “passion” in arts and design. Together with Dicky (28) his best friend and three oth­ers, Fahry has created a centre of arts called Bogorsculptor. Bogorsculptor is a Carving Community for those residing in Bogor and they use clay media (clay, gypsum, including putty) doing their arts work.

Nia S. Amira
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Initially, Fahry who had studied arts tech­niques wanted to deepen sculpture arts and in 2014 he began studying here and there until the arts brought him to Bandung and other cities surroundings. It has never been thought that the way Fahry wanted to learn was not just simple as he imagined and Fahry was desperated and made him to learn by his own until one day he could work on one up­scale arts brand in the city of flowers.

Unfortunately, the initial encouragement to the young man who loves black color should accept the reality that he chose to leave the job and go back to her hometown due to the misinterpretation of his employ­ment contract. Fahry also has a big dream to promote Bogor to the international commu­nity in the field he has been doing.

Sure, Fahry cannot work alone to realize his big dream, he then started to look for friends that can join and work together to make Bo­gor as an Art City.

Fahry is not in vain as he met the senior sculptor from Bogor, Eki who has been doing the same field since 2011, and of a friend­ship on social media who give lots of support on the works they produced, even­tually becoming the open door to other members to join, namely Dicky, Concon, Gilang, Rifky, Irman, Yuke, Ojan, Ikhsan, Dhika, Megie and kang Ajo.

The latter two can be called as the mae­stro in Bogor Sculptor. Seniority seen not solely on age, but rather on the work they produced and their work­ing hours.

Although Bogor Sculptor or BS Toys does not produce the products on a regular basis, but the members who join in BS Toys can still carry out their mission each according to their expertise, for example someone who has special­izing in cosplay costumes, rings pewter, small and me­dium scale statues, toy scale of 1 : 6 and its accessories.

Fahri and his friends real­ized that their steps to go still very long and winding. There is still much for them to fix here and there, but from some members of BS Toys are apparently already ex­ist for the European market with their giearts work, and of course this is an in­credible achievement and they have the ap­preciation from the Mayor of Bogor, who is proud of what BS Toys has achieved.

BS Toys is currently more focused on product development and every product produced,is made very detailed and use only high level painting techniques. While social­ization is conducted by often follow local arts exhibitions for the goodsake of Bogor. BS Toys also receive com­mission work / custom or­der / manufacture all kinds of figures, caricatures with varying prices.

Probably it is not too much if BS Toys wants to be a pioneer sculp­ture in the city of Bogor, could even become an icon of art Bogor because it is the dream of this talented young people who want to hold his head and greeted their clients by shake their hands i n close and said, “ What can we do for you, sir? “and the contract will flow, and the coffers of the dollar will be mounting so that the ideals of Dicky could be realized that he would like to have an English course business, get many students in the entire of Indonesia and 100% free for children who are poor or orphaned.

Dream high … to catch it for yourself and keep it properly. Fly away to the other side of the ocean until you can see flower buds deasy on the first day of spring, symbol of new life, a new fortune.