A9--30-7-2016-ARTNia S. Amira
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Spring will change into Summer. Beautiful days of new spirit, huge ener­gy, and big hope for the year will continue in the coming bright Summer time that will give the people more colorful life, more shiny feeling and the courage to do challenging works for a better future.

Today, June 14th, 2016 is equal to the 25th day of the last Spring according to the an­cient Persian calendar. The sky looks so blue, very clear, shine, though a little windy, but Roya, a middle age career woman feels the morning time so lovely. With a little hurry, she sets her steps to reach the office passing all the beauty of nature.

She stops by at Nelson Man­dela street where in the past known as Africa street, one of the important business quartier in Tehran. She enjoys her tiny time just to see the beautiful flowers bloom in each branch at one big street nursery in the area. She sees the beauty sent by God.

Cars pass very fast in this rich area, people always walk in hurry, everything seems so quick, but in the shade of big trees in the park and amongst the flowers bloon in that street nursery, Roya feels so peace and lovely. In fact, she does not need to be in hurry…just feel the deep love of nature.

Roya tried to start the com­munication with a 30 year old man who was busy arranging his colorful nursery. She aaked him politely to take some pictures of his plants.

The young Tehrani allowed her doing her little journalistic work as amateur while dressing up his hair style and posed like a professional model.

Then Roya approached the 2 old men who were laughimg and joking to each other perhaps remembering their old golden years. The elders were so happy when Roya took their pictures. They gave her very funny poses, standing next to each other with big laugh.

The sun shines with big smile as if it is happy to know that Spring has passed wonderful in the so called Persian land back to the golden ages.

There is always big hope in Roya’s beautiful eyes for the coming Summer time. The joy is there and like other people in Middle East and other 4 seaaons countries, Spring is the starting point in human’s life and Sum­mer is where people can enjoy their hard life during Winter.

Eyes vision never tells you wrong drama, we see people fight everyday in other part of the world, fighting for their greedy emotion. We always fight in our mind with huge irrational thoughts that make us blind to see the nature.