Untitled-3Along 16.858 kilometers with a total flying 36 hours from Ja­karta to Mexico City passing through Tokyo, San Francisco to Mexico City or via the alternative Eu­ropean flight schedule passing through Singapore, Amsterdam and finally to Mexico City, the country located in North America bordering with United States, Guatemala and Belize in the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico and the Carib­bean Sea to the east. Mexico is the third largest country in Latin America and is also the country most often uses Spanish language. Mexico name is derived from the name of its capital coming from the ancient Aztec capi­tal city, namely Mexico-Tenochtitlan. Mexi is part of Mexitli, the god of war’s name, while co means place and ca means people.

Nia S. Amira
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Mexico has typical culinary delights with a unique flavor. Snacks and its typical culinary give a taste of its own for those who taste. Although separated tens of thousands of kilometers from Jakarta, the Indonesian people can try a wide variety of culinary from this Sombrero land that is famous world wide. In Jakarta there are several Mexi­can restaurants, though not as we can eas­ily search for Chinese, Korean, Japanese or American food that have been flourishing in Indonesia.

Tacos and Nachos are original snack usu­ally served and eaten with family. Snack that is made from chosen corn starch material can only be obtained in the country of origin. In 1934, Rodolfo De Los Santos from the city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico created a tachos made from a roll tortillas, filled with a variety of vegetables and spices and is usu­ally combined with some ingredients such as potatoes, eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, and usually eaten for breakfast.

While nachos is a creation tortilla chips made by Naco Anaya in 1943, normally smothered by guacamole sauce, dip of avo­cado and melted cheese. In Indonesia, this cuisine has been starting as favorite, espe­cially by the young people who often gather together to enjoy the evening after their hard works in the office.

There is a proverb Mexico, “Nuestra casa es su casa,” Our house is your house “. Mexi­can is a warm people and always considered their guests as a part of the family, an excel­lent fit with the character of the Indo­nesian people who are friendly, as well as our new friend who comes from Mexico and works as a chef in a res­taurant in the heart of the Jakarta.

Hector, 23-year-old single, only about 6 months in Jakarta, but Hector is already fa­miliar with the city hot atmosphere and is always traffic. In his work place, Hector is a the only chef who brings his family recipe and was handed over by Abuelita, his grand­mother who knew how much love Hector in culinary world.

Every day this skinny young man from Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico is struggling with all sorts of distinctive flavor that just brought from his country, including wheat and corn flour for reasons of originality and the texture of flour, different from those in Indonesia. According to Hector who recently began to speak Indonesian, the Indonesian people are sociable, friendly and have a de­sire to try something new.

Especially for Mexican food, according to Hector who learns by doing as the chef, Indonesian people like Tachos, Nachos and Pizza ala Mexico which called Quesadilla. Quesa­dilla is served with fresh salad in salsa sauce, cream cheese and avocado sauce called guacamole which is very typical of Mexico with its bright green color and a sour savory taste with smell of medium strong of garlic. Guacamole dip is already known in Mexico since the 16th century dur­ing the Aztec period.

Hector wants to make all of his customers happy and feeling like at home while eating a home-made food of the original recipes flown directly from Mexico. Quizas..Quizas..Quizas of Trio Los Panchos accom­panied tasty Quesadilla which fits to the Indone­sian’s tongue.