By: Nia S. Amira

If you are a bit of attentive,

you can see the sad moon and the stars.

We do not often see her shinny and smile these days,

they cry as they witness the cute little ones dying by the hot bullets.

What do we do to see the lit­tle ones face with their innocent smile?

What do we do to embrace their tiny shoulders?

Tell me how do we embrace our warmt and affection!

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Tell me how do we do to bring them, candies and cakes!

You have feelings for the cam­els,

You have the taste for the iron horses,

But you do not have the same thing for the little ones who have mis­erable life,

But you do not have sad look seeing the little ones who are wounded.

You have no compassion for the little ones withstand extreme pain,

I say again only once,

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We have heart as ahuman, there is a sentiment

We have the computer in our head, we have the thoughs as a mankind.

For the goodsake of the Kanaan,

For the goodsake of the human­ity,

For the reasons of the ancestors, send your compassion, your feel­ing,

And half piece of your love for the little ones,

And the Kanaan will be the wonderful place for all races,

With only Saf­fron and Roses that grow in the marvel­ous land.