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I met Su Tomese, a multi-talented visual artist from Amsterdam accidentally when I tried to find someone at Erasmus Huis, Dutch Cultural Centre in Jakarta, Tues­day (15/03). Su performs her solo exhibition, called “Jejak” from 17 March to 28 April 2016. This exhibition features 87 photographs which allow us to watch color bar, barbershop video, and the street movie. The 46 year artist focus­es on urban information and traces of human intervention in the informal economy in cities a dtraces of ingenuity in public space and she has been working for her pieces since 2005.

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Su, a brief name of Susan has started as guest teacher in Sandber Institute Amsterdam in 2006. She has established her professional work under SU ME PROUD as Director/owner and through her professional career, Su has been working with many Institutions like for a.o. Museum De Lakenhal, CPNB, OBA, Melk­weg, Netherlands Architecture Institute.

She has been doing her professional Pho­tographer career since 1999 until present time for a.o. De Volkskrant, Photographer for a.o. De Volkskrant, Orlando festival, Kunst­beeld, KIT Landenreeks.

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Su is more than just an artist as she was sticking out in various online media after she came and viewed the location of a bomb blast in person only few days after the incident. This courageous artist received her first MA in Cultural History from Utrech University then in 2007, she got her MA in Fine Art from Sandberg Institute Amsterdam.