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Anything you like to say, this local warm appetizer will give you sensation of ingre­dients especially those who bring their heritage recipe.

The origin of Soto (read: Indo­nesian soup) derived from a Chinese food called Caudo (Dennys Lombard wrote in Nusa Jawa: Silang Budaya). It was popular in Semarang, where Chinese population come, reside and develop their business in most coastal area in Java island.

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From Caudo to Coto, then Tauto and later called Soto.

All this name were at the first time popular in the coastal area where the merchants got together and exchang­ing their business more easier and food is the way where people can understand other culture.

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At first the warm food was called Caudo, then became Coto, Tauto and Soto. The people in Makassar call it Coto, in Pekalongan is named Tauto, and most of Indonesian people call this warm appetizer as Soto which is normally composed of broth with slices of meat or chicken.