Untitled-3Among the five largest islands in the archi­pelago, Sumatra is considered as one of the Indonesia’s new region with vast natural resources and tremendous potential tourist. Lampung, at the southern end, connecting Java by the Sunda Strait.

By : Nia S. Amira
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There are many ways head­ing to Lampung; you may catch the aircon bus from every bus terminal in Ja­karta going to Sumatra and passing Lampung. Arriving at Merak harbor, you can board a long­boat for one-and-a-half hour trip to Lampung. Along the way,you can enjoy the amazing view of the vol­cano, Krakatau, in Sunda Strait and feeling the fresh air as you depart Banten province. The boat stops at Bakauheni harbor in Lampung be­fore proceeding to Tanjung Karang where you can spend the night at a nice resort.

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The next day destination is Way Kanan, long enough to drive from Tanjung Karang so you have to leave the hotel earlier, at 5 am. Way Kan­an is a national park where you will find the beast, including elephants and rhinoceros and a wide variety of birds. A beautiful national park but rather difficult to explore if you donot have thecourage to board on a small 40 hp Yamaha boat, whilst be­ing watched by the river lizards, The beast can be seen on the banks of the river while others lurk in the river.

A three kilometer tour is guided by a young man who at the park and the journey takes 45 minutes and it is quite a challenge.

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Way Kambas is the next trip, a famous area for its school for elephants. You may hear the wild elephants trumpet when your car passes through the forest, or you may experience an encoun­ter with a herd of the giant animals. They will peer at you inside the car before they disappear into the jun­gle.

The great attraction at Way Kambas is riding elephant where the local elephant school adopt Thai “curriculum”, an unforgettable mo­ment and it will take a great deal of courage!.