There are many food that were found when breaking the fast in Lebanon. The menu is typical of the Middle East which is common in such Lebanese mezza, tabbou­leh, houmous, and various kinds of grilled meat.


In this Queen Cleopatra’s land, Muslims normally break the fasting with medames. Besides medames which becomes the main course, there are also other menu grace the breaking time of fasting such as molokheya made of chicken and rice. Ramadan is not complete with­out Medames and Molokheya.


The population of Muslims in In­dia reached over 130 million and the holy month of Ramadan becomes a month long-awaited, especially in certain area such as Hyderabad, as the menu is called Hyderabadi Haleem. It is a typical food like tra­ditional oatmeal in spicy flavors, sa­vory, and usually served with lamb.


Iftar without samosas in Paki­stan, it will feel less than perfect. Snacks such as samosas are tasty and spicy fried cake in triangular form. Almost all the stalls dotted around the city sell samosa.


Muslims of Bangladesh has some typical menus that are usually served when breaking the fasting; like Pi­yaju, beguni, jilapi, muri, Halim, tanggal, samosa, dal puri, chola, and various kinds of fruits. While drinks like Rooh Afza with different taste and lemon sherbet is breaking menu which is popular all over Bangladesh.


In Malaysia, Muslims have a habit that is quite unique, break their fast with a dried meal and fresh dates. A wide variety of typical Malaysian food provided in Ramadan Bazaar such as sugarcane juice, nasi lemak, laksa, percek ayam, chicken rice, sa­tay and others.


There are dozens or even hun­dreds of culinary types commonly presented by Muslims in Indonesia when looking forward to breaking the fast. However Kolak always be the best choice during the month of fasting and people never feel bored to enjoy a bowl compote with a variety of flavors and content like banana compote, sweet potato, fermented cassava, or a mixture of all three, or even added with sugar palm fruits and cooked with coconut milk, brown sugar and sugar. While fresh drinks like cendol or fruit soup into a breaking fasting menu await­ed after a day of hunger and thirst.

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