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Native to the ancient Persia, Pomegranate has been cul­tivated in the Caucasus then spread out to Asian regions including Uzbekistan and the Hima­layas in Northern India . Today, it is widely cultivated in Middle East, South- East Asia, the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe , and tropical Africa . Pomegranate was also introduced into Latin America and in the USA (read: California and Arizona) by Spanish set­tlers in 1769.

Harvesting in Northen area is nor­mally done from September to Febru­ary and in Southern area from March to May.

Many people aware of this valu­able and attractive fruit, as mentioned in many ancient texts, notably Holy Quran, Homeric Hymns and the Book of Exodus , and appreciated culturally not only by its beauty form and color but also by its huge advantage for the wellness of hu­man being.

Pomegranate has huge of advantage for our healthy not only its fruit but its seeds as well. It is the best source of anti oxidant even it contains anti oxidant 3x higher than orange and green tea. It has huge of nutrition that it is needed by our body.

This pretty red skin fruit especially for ladies contains vitamin A, C and E as well as having special characteristic for anti-inflamation and anti aging. Now then, it is necessary to store some of Pomegranate at home as you will need to share this fruit of heaven with your beloved.

The best source of anti ocidant. The use of Pomegranate as the best source of anti oxidant, will protect you from free radical and will protect you from the heat of sun and can avoid you from skin cancer. Pomegranate is the best fruit in earth as Anti Aging, it means to retard wrinkles, smooth lines, black spot, and hypergimentation that normally caused by sun ex­posure. Besides of protecting us from skin cancer, pomegranate and its essence oil which con­tains nutrition can increase cell regeneration in our epidermic and dermic skin layers. This com­bination of seeds and oil can heal the scar.

Mix papaya, grape seeds oil, grape seeds extract and pomegranate juice and apply on your face for 60 minutes. This mask will give you high nutrition and make your face skin more healthi­er and shinny.

Consuming pomegranate seeds in daily basis, can help your fertility, healing influenza, fever and maximize the works of your gastric system. Vitamin K in pomegranate seeds Can avoid you from blood pressure.It is recommended to consume pomegranate fruit both for your health and beau­ty. Beauty inside and out­side.