I was walking around the Hotel in Bangkok and tired because of the heat but very happy to find a fresh fruit seller and shredded fruit salad like in Indonesia few weeks ago.

Most of the fruits sellers are women, They looked neat and tidy and showing their fruits in­side the glass etalage, attracting people to buy. Everything in Thailand is attracting and the price is also reasonable. There are kind of fruits which are sold in Thailand like we have here in Indonesia such as belows:

  1. Durian

Durian in Thailand, called as Too-rian or Thu-rian. It is not a problem for Thai people when some Indonesian tourists ask for durian, the local Thai pepople understand with the word durian. Farmers usually do their durian harvest from April to May.Typical Durian is Mon Thong, all over the world. This Mon Thong was one of the winners and the price was around 20-60 sold in Thailand cheaper from Thailand.

  1. Jambu air Thailand
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Jambu Air Thailand called as rose apple in English and Champoo in Thai. One of the commodities. Jambu cham­poo harvest is from June to September.The price is be­tween 40-100 Baht per kilo, while in the supermarket, with the same price, we can get a pack containing 3 or 4 fruits.

  1. Mango

Mango Thai is called mamuang. The taste is almost the same like the ones in Indo­nesia, but more sweet. While in Indonesia people eat durian ketan, Thai people eat khao niao ma muang. This unique desert eaten with local Sugar Apple jam and is called as sweet yellow mango. The price of khao niao ma muang is 30- 60 Bant per kilo.

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Fruits in Thailand are pri­madona in their own land, even in Indonesia, everyone only wants to buy and eat Thai fruits, Indonesian people al­ways ask for durian even dur­ing Idul Fitri celebration. Ev­erything must be with Bangkok name. Then when can have our fruits have the same story. And Indonesian fruits will travel around the globe.

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