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Forge a lasting friendship is not that simple, especially if it is new start with new friends. However, if the communication can be well maintained and each person posseses the same energy, of course, matters relating to these feelings can be established without any sense of presumption that should not exist because of similar educational back­ground, as well as having sense of trust that can be built better and better.

Having similarities in art and creativity as well as to preserve own culture, a group of women and men who came from Jakarta, Depok, and Bogor agreed to get to­gether to spend their busy time going somewhere in a lush and shady of Cafe Grand Garden which is located right in front of Astrid Avenue, in Bogor Botanical Gar­den.

That Saturday morning 28 May, 2016, under the shade of old trees and beautiful Orchids a group of Art & Culture lovers got together under that shady place; there were Kiki, Rina, Mother Vito from Incimo Jakarta, Sinta from KK Shops Jakarta, Ibu Dewi of Priangan Sari, Bogor, Mrs. Seohartini Tinoek Sekartjakratini, Environmental Culture expert of IDEA, aunt Juliana, Budi Wongso and Mrs. Wongso of Hakka Buddha Tzu Chi Jakarta, Mrs. Ayu, Mrs. Yayah, Mrs. Susie of Shibori Bogor, Mrs. Mei Mei of IWAPI Bogor and other members who enliven the event which started a bit late because there were stuck in traffic.Top of Form

Making Batik on a piece of cloth in fact needs the pre­cision to avoid overlap with one to another colors, and requires artistry and high level of patience to obtain the perfect work. That is why the price of a piece of Batik hand made is not ordinary and it is considered as a re­ward for master piece.