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Last 12th June, 2016 was the 17th Anniversary of Couch­surfing International and was celebrated around the world. Couchsurfing or CS was also celebrated in Jakarta, Depok and Bogor with huge of happiness.

CS Bogor was established in 2010 by four moderators namely Moulya Muhammad, Hani Hamid, Yudha Nugraha, and Thesa Siswan­to. Yudha had requested to the HQ of Couchsurfing to have their per­mission to make CS Bogor Website in orde to facilitate the access for traveling, sharing cost, sharing bud­get amongst the CS members both local and foreign country. In fact, CS Bogor was part of CS Jakarta ( Jabo­detabek).

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In 2013, Zahakir Haris joined CS Bogor and soon after he joined, he met some active members and held some meet up or gathering and constantly invites the first modera­tors to join the program and sharing about couchsurfing bogor. Under good monitoring from some active members, other members show their enthusiasm. Further, CS Bogor actively holds some good programs and made a logo as well as CS Bogor T-Shirt you can see from the 17th CS International celebration.

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The Couchsurfing project was conceived by Casey Fenton in 1999, according to Fenton’s account. The idea arose after finding an inexpen­sive flight from Boston to Iceland. Fenton randomly e-mailed 1,500 students from the University of Ice­land asking if he could stay. He ulti­mately received more than 50 offers of accommodation. On the return flight to Boston, he began to develop the ideas that would underpin the Couchsurfing project. He registered couchsurfing.com at the same year.