Untitled-4Romance is something we had forgot­ten in some ways, some times.

Nia S. Amira
[email protected]

Whereever we go in this life event, romance is where we need to follow, no matter the distance we might experience from or the event we might eventually melted in, the fact is that when we miss the kind of romance out on for some long time, it is then we would not for­get about it again.

Nature is the creation of God we may take the benefit to release sore muscles from all of our life’s event. When we come close to the nature, it will be a perfect panoramic at the time the wooden big window opened with no sound but rushing water from a waterfall sticked on the rocky stone.

A plate of seasonal local fresh fruits gar­nished beautifully or a bowl of fresh local homemade goat yoghurt calling your desire to just taste them in a shiny cool morning.

I was trully relaxed, pampered, deliriously happy after a long day journey from the capital passing Madaba to Ma’in city, a really place to rest.

Ma’in hot springs or named as Hamma­mat Mae’n are series of hot mineral springs and waterfalls with the best view from Pana­oramic Terrace located between Madaba and the Dead Sea. Ma’in is a tiny but impressive city with hundreds of dolmens, the prehis­toric chamber tombs that scattered across several hillsides.

One of the famous thermal springs in the hills above the Dead Sea is Hammamat Ma’in in Wadi Zarqa Ma’in with water ranging from 45 degrees Celcius to a feverish 60 degrees Celcius. Ma’in has col­lection of hot springs containing potassium, magnesium and calcium. Roman baths at the base of the waterfall closest attract you to soak in. Hearing the sound of thermal springs suppurating below the surface, breaking ground with various degrees of harshness.

Heading to the hills above the Dead Sea compound, you will notice vivid vegetation,

a jump of water as it catches the sunlight, or a curtain of ferns across a perish nature landscape of sulphurous rock.

Enjoying my rejuvenating baths, I am lazy to go down to the Dead Sea where I can be pam­pered floating in the sea with highest salty water quality in the world. My two legs as if were locked in the Terrace looking out of the hill to the area where it was cursed by God to the Luth people. My heart is for Ma’in and the beauty of its spoiling me that much, my mouth filled with series Mediterranean deli­cacies and no more temptation entertained me that day. My heart is only for Ma’in.