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The history of Baklava is as di­verse as the number of ways it is prepared and the number of countries that claim its ori­gins. Is it generally accepted that Bak­lava came to us from the Assyrians at around 8th century B.C. Layering nuts with a simple unleavened flat bread and drenched with honey. As only the wealthy of the time can afford this simple luxury, baklava was held as a special dessert for those in high posi­tions of society such as monarchs and kings. In Turkey, to this day, one can hear a common expression: “I am not rich enough to eat Baklava every day”.

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The modern day baklava went through a number of transitions as the history of the area kept on chang­ing. Middle East, Eastern Mediterra­nean, Balkans, Caucasia; Turks, Arabs, Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Bulgarians of today who introduce baklava as their national dessert were all part of the Ottoman empire once.