B8---11062016-ArtNia S. Amira
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Ever experienced one of those rare moments when the sound of the adhan re­ally touches you? The words of the caller to Salah (Shalat) rever­berate inside your heart, it seems, and the goosebumps pop out on your skin. Such is the beauty of the adhan, that you may shed tears out of love and you fear of Allah SWT.

Most of times, however, espe­cially for those living in Muslim-majority countries, the adhan be­comes something that is taken for granted. You may hear the call for prayer and respond too without re­ally realizing it.

How amazing it is then to find out that we as humans are not the only ones listening to the adhan! Unlike many Muslims who do not respond to the adhan by performing Salah (Shalat), the flora and faune do turn to their creator, in their own special ways. When you see the video of the “Adhan flower”, it will remind you of what the verses writ­ten in holy Qur’an: “The whole uni­verse, even the trees and animals, is glorifying Allah SWT, only man is oblivious.”SubhaanAllah!”

Do we really need to see mira­cles? It may possibly, in order to pu­rify and strengthen our faith. May be we do, but Islamd is based on faith (believe in unseen) and I really want to just do something good that will make Allah happy with us.

If we see God’s miracles, this is the things that we must believe in him and worship. After all Islam’s glory lies in faith.

I also very strongly believe that miracles are all around and we just need to realize and identify it. The holy Qur’an is the greatest miracle of Allah sent for humans. The nature, the life, mornings, sunsets, rain, a child’s birth, oceans, mountains, wa­terfalls are all great miracles.