The footsteps of prophets were well preserved in religious history of Jordan; a grave of prophet Khi­dir in Aljoun, the cave of Ashabul Kafi or also well-known as Seven Sleepers in Rajib near by Amman, the cemetery of prophet Harun in Wadi Musa, the footstep of prophet Syuaib is located in Jordan valled bordered with Jericho, Israel and is only separated 10 meters from edge to edge by a plastic yellow rope. The Dead Sea or the massive grave for Luth sinners became massive grave and experienced the sensational dead sea mud is the best way to end the trip in this 4 season’s country with very mild climate close to cool at the Panorama Terrace in Main city where you can get a relaxation in a hot spring water, even during midnight time.

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah felt necessary to interfere in this tour­ism affairs in order to get back the great of Jor­d a n i a n tour i sm t h a t had declined since 3 years ago due to the political conflict in some neighboring countries facing direct­ly to Jordan.

Jordan is a connecting mozaic that unities the ethnics from Asia, Africa, and Europe passing transjor­dania route and the old train is still there as the evidence of this glori­ous event in the past. It is located in the route heading to Wadi Rum, the home of the Bedouins, even a mo­zaic for art & culture and for the 3 important religions of the world.

Take a look in Madaba, a city of mozaic approximately 30 km from the capital, a place where Moses can only see the Promised Land from the highest point of Madama mount (read: valley) after God punished him and he was never allowed to enter Canaan.

At Manaba museum, a great of world’s mozaic collection is well maintained and the map of Holy Land from the year of 560 show­ing clearly the area of Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Jordan valley flanking Bethany in Jordan and Jericho in Israel,Nablus and Hebron to the Nile river delta in Egypt and the area in South Lebanon.

All those sites showing how Jor­dan has marvellous and impor­tant sources in human kind civilization.

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