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The wealthy land of an an­cient civilization that is always full of blessings for its marvellous history even since 9500 BC. Jordan or Yordan in greeks is a vital ‘bridge connecting Asia, Africa, and Europe, the road bringing spices from India and the fine silk fabrics from China.

The land that has been always the target by neigboring countries for its huge ancient civilization in the world, and that in the present time becomes the essential heritage of the country. The important sites can be seen in several areas that reigned by the Hashemite dynasty. Hashemite’s ancestor was the tribe leader of Quraysh and it was a direct family blood of Prophet Ismail, son of Abraham.

This land is rich of tourism ob­jects located in Mediterranean sea and ended on the tip of Aqaba bay in Red sea. Geographically,Jordan shares the Red Sea area together with Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

This blessed land for Muslim and Christian pilgrims is mentioned several times in the life event of Prophet Muhammad, especially during his trading trip heading to Syria. Prophet Muhammad had ever stopped by and took rest un­der a shady tree which in the pres­ent time is the area called Mafraq, about 80 km to the north from the capital Amman. Mafraq is one of important cit­ies dating from the Islamic history when it lat­er became the base of Arab Legion during 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The Turkish can benefit Hejaz Railway established in Mafraq and connect Istanbul to Medina.

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The tourism objects in the land of King Abdullah II spread out from historical tourism, religious sites, wellness, and nature and each is well maintained. Petra, the stone city located in Wadi Musa, 4 hours driving from the capital Amman to the south. It was a home to the Nabateans who migrated gradu­ally from Saudi Arabia during the 6th century BCE and established dwellings in the southern of Jor­dan. Nabateans were exceptionally skilled trader and they were also highly skilled water engineers, ir­rigated their land with an extensive system of dams, canals and reser­voirs.

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Visiting Gerasa of Jerash tem­ple, the ruins of a Roman civiliza­tion about 50 km from Amman to the north. We will never stop to open the eyes widely and have the incomparable feeling facinated by a beautiful Roman temple of Arte­mis. The temple was built on one of the highest points and domi­nated the whole city . It was dur­ing the reign of Emperor Antonius Pius when the construction of this remarkable temple finished in 150 CE. Jerash has most remarkable monuments left of the ancient Roman w i t h i t s decorated well preserved colums and the walls with its entrances decorated with three Corinthian pi­lasters. I felt like going to the tunnel time when walking down from the highest point remembering Cleopa­tra’s impatience face and heart waiting for her lover, Julius Caesar. Jerash was destroyed by a big earth quake in the 8th century.