A9---28-7-2016-ArtThe eight Lake Sentani Festival will take place this year in June, 2016. A cultural parade from the various ethnic groups in Papua and from around Indonesia at Jayapura will en­liven the Festival. People will also perform Isilo, a traditional dance on boats, using folk music and folktales. While the “Resounding Sounds of the Tifa” will be brought by 500 people or more wearing traditional costumes.

Oleh : Nia S. Amira
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Since 8 years ago some programs have been doing with lots of ef­fort, such as fierce competitions that will take place to win boat-racing for men, boat-racing for women, musical competitions on drums and pipes, with songs from various parts of the region. A tour will also be offered to the Islands of Asei and Ajun to watch spe­cial local rituals.

Province Papua is Indonesia’s most easterly province, located near by the provincial capita; citty, Jayapura, on the north eastern coast of the Indonesian side of New Guinea and Lake Sentani is one of the largest lakes on the island of Papua. The indigenous people built stilted houses equipped with nets to haul in the daily fish catch.

There are more than 33 species of fish found in Lake Sentani. Tourists will do their outdoor activity in Lake Sentani such as swimming in the lake, chat with locals friend, watch the process of making sago, try local delicacies or taste the matoa fruit which is abundance, selling along the roads or in the local market.

To reach Lake Sentani, take a flight from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, or Makassar heading to Jayapura. From Sentani air­port, we can take small bus going to Lake Sentani which is reached in about half an hour.

The Sentani Lake Festival is one of three impressive Festivals in Papua Prov­ince besides the Baliem Valley Festival which is usually held in August, and the As­mat Festival, held in October. All offer the best and most impressive presentations of this huge island of Papua in Indonesia.

Welcome to Sentani. Welcome to Kalkote, and Welcome to Papua!