Untitled-2Nia S. Amira
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Tote Bag Applique is part of handicraft apllied over the bag. Tote Bag means an open bag. In its development, Tote Bag usu­ally made in various shapes, sizes, and cute designs. Some are made in large size, some in medium and other in small size with an extra handle on top to facilitate the owner taking the bags every where.

Most common Tote Bag is made of canvas or nylon. Tote Bag is often used to carry vari­ous items. so in making the bag we must use a very strong mate­rial.

Tote Bag has many func­tions; like to carry verty heavy text books or just like a fashion when hangout with friends or family, which is definitely can make our performance more cool and confident, in fact women are happy to see unique and cute designs applied to our Tote Bags.