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This is a simple getaway for you to have even a one day trip to the islands, but well rec­ommended to have at least 2 nights staying at one island of the Thousand Islands located in the Special Province of Jakar­ta. Untung Jawa islands is the nearest islands you can reach from any area in Jakarta and surroundings. To those having no private vehicles, you can use good public transportation such as communter line from Depok or Bogor heading to the final destination at Duri train station where you can go with the mini taxi to Tanjung Pasir harbor. You must take 2x of that mini taxi going to Tanjung Pasir as final terminal.

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It will takes 40 minutes to reach the harbor. Waiting for the wooden boat that will take you to the islands for just 15- 30 minutes crossing the sea depends on the weather and ocean waves. The ticket is be­tween 15K to 20K per person. Feel the breeze of the ocean when the wooden transport carries you to the relaxing place.

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Untung Jawa islands is sup­posed to be a prototype islands for the Maritime Academy, especially to the local young people who want to become an expert in Maritime and Fisher­ies in the coming future. Young people are trained to pay their most attention for the sustain­ability of the surrounding envi­ronment as well as to perform the island as the clean fisher­men village with typical Indo­nesian hospitality.